Defiance Composite Barber Ski Poles


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Defiance (L9's House Brand) have teamed up with renowned pole manufacturer Goode Ski Poles and created a new line of composite ski poles with a bunch of new colors and designs. This pole in particular is called the Barber Pole because it was designed to look like a, yep you guessed it, barber pole! Perhaps an ode to american heritage and culture or just a funny idea we came up with when brainstorming ideas, either way we dig this pole. Made of lightweight and durable composite material, this pole will last you for many seasons to come.

Adjustable Nylon Strap: A nylon strap with easy adjustment ensures the poles don't get away from you after jumping off that big cliff on the backside of the mountain. Or with some imagination, they can help you carry a pair of skis.

Ice Breaker Tip: A sharp, yet durable tip doesn't slip on firm snow to get solid plants for turning and pushing along the flats. Keep in mind that they are sharp, so use caution during pole jousting matches.

Composite Shaft: The Shaft of this pole is made up of a fiberglass composite, which gives the pole incredible strength and flexibility. This does not have any carbon in it, so it?s a little heavier than a carbon composite pole, but very cost effective.


Pole Construction Composite
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Warranty Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty

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