Head 2014 Next Edge 80 HF Ski Boots

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This is the ski boot that perfected the niche of 'I am a good skier but I really am not interested in a stiff race boot.' This boot has all of the doodads of the stiffer boots, like alloy buckles, HeatFit liner, 40mm power strap, but with the generous fit of a more novice boot. This is one of the premier weekend warrior boots ever made, Level9 stands behind the Next Edge 80 until the end of time.
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SKU 28209

Product Questions

Product Questions

Are the size 25,s 25/25.5?
Is this a suitable boot for a wide foot? Thanks
i wear a size 12 sneaker would this be the right size boot for me?
I normal wear shoe size 7.5(us size). Should I get a 24.5?
Will the heat fit liner mould to another foot if the boots are used by another person?
The product description says the boots have the spine tech buckles but the photos show otherwise. Can you confirm. Excerpt from description: Spine-Tech Buckles: The Spine-Tech buckle features a closure point that stays in place (it looks like a spinal cord). It increases overlap in the shell flaps which brings the boot closer to your leg and reduces pressure points that are usually caused with traditional buckles.


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