Head Coral Boa Women's Snowboard Boots 2017

Head's Coral Boa women's snowboard boots are super soft flexing so you can get optimal feel of your board whether your a feather-weight or you're new to snowboarding. Even a more advanced rider with buttery style will appreciate the heel-hold you get from the Boa ratchet system that provides an uncompromisingly snug fit. Though it flexes as an entry level boot, its features and quality are things you would be more likely to find on a boot that costs twice as much.

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7 Degree Forward Lean: For rookies and easy riders.

Flex Index 1: This boot has a very forgiving flex that is ideal for beginner and intermediate riders.

Tongue Pull: A loop of fabric at the top of the tongue helps in putting on and removing the boots. Pull it forward and to the side and your foot should slide right in.

Removable Liner: This boot comes with a removable liner. Removable liners have the advantage of being easier to dry than non removable liners, and the disadvantage of usually being a little larger than a non removable linered boot of the same size.

Boa Lacing Technology: The awesome new setup that removes the only thing that sucks about snowboard boots: the laces.
The Boa system is laced cables of aircraft grade steel (no it doesn't add weight) that take the place of laces in keeping your boots tight. To tighten you simply push in the Boa housing button (to lock it in place), righty tighty turn the dial until you get the snug fit you desire. To remove the boot, you just pop (pull) the housing button and stretch out the tongue.
If it comes into your head how much nice this is at the top of the lifts on a cold day when you need to tighten up the boots, you are right on. We always recommend Boa boots. Competition level riders still require laces because they need to have the boot so tight it cuts off circulation, for the rest of the world the Boa system is the way to go.

Liner Lace Lock: This liner features a lace lock to speed up the process of putting boots on. Just pull the lace tab upward until snug, then slide the lace lock down into place. It will ensure the boots stay snug throughout the day. When the day is over, just pull up on the lock knob and slide the foot out. Piece of cake!

Comfort Cuff:The Comfort Cuff delivers added flex on the medial side of the boot, providing added comfort and a more natural flex.

Additional Info

Gender Women's
Ability Level Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced
Model Year 2017
Boot Flex Medium
Lacing System Boa
Liner Type Removable
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada
Country of Manufacturer China
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty

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