Head 2014 Cube 3 8X Ski Boots

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The Head Cube 3 series boot is one of the most comfortable boots available and are perfect for beginner to intermediate skiers. The "3" stands for the three part design which is Easy In, Easy Walk and Easy Ride. The upper part of the boot actually can flex backwards, which makes putting your boots on a pain-free process. There is also an auto ski/walk mode that initiates ski mode just by stepping into your bindings. This is a great first boot purchase for newbies to intermediate newbies, throw those rumors of painful ski boots out the window!
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SKU 31070

Product Questions

Product Questions

I am a real pansy when it comes to comfort and i complain a lot (much to the dismay of my ski buddies). however, we do ski 80% blue and 10% black (Slowly). Will this work for me?
Hi, what's the difference between the cube 3 8X and the cube 3 8? Is one more suited to intermediates? Thanks.
Are Head Cube 3 8X Ski Boots true to size> I'm a 27.94 and you have a 28 in stock and would like to know before I order if they will work.
I wear US men's size 10.5 and have a wide foot. I need the 28.5 size in the boot Head Cube 3 8X per the sizing chart which is not in stock, but want to know if you can verify if this particular boot follows this quote from the sizing chart "For most ski boots, the full (.0) size uses the same shell and liner as the half (.5) size (like, 25.0 and 25.5) and will have almost an identical fit." So since this boot comes in only 28.0, does this boot model follow the same shell and/or liner for .0 and .5 sizes. Since it comes in the 27.0 and 27.5, if these shells and liners are the same, I would think 28.0 would be the same as 28.5 if the latter was available. Thank you for any information you can provide concerning this question.
Just checking - these are men's boots? Thanks


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