Head Free Flex Pro 16 Ski Binding

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The Head Free Flex Pro 16 is high DIN binding made for skiers who desire above average release settings. Some freeriders use this downhill ski binding to help avoid dangerous situations when a binding pre-releases above cliff bands and such, but racers also find the holding power of this binding a great benefit when screaming down a sheet of ice at 60 MPH. Either application requires a need for safety by holding onto the boot as long as possible to avoid more dangerous situations. The maximum setting of 16 is reserved for aggressive skiers, and is not usually a wise choice for beginner or intermediate skiers. The Free Flex Pro 16 bindings are unfortunately out of stock, but check out the Head Free Flex Pro 11 bindings for a slightly lower DIN range and great quality.

Full Diagonal Toe: Intelligent 180degree release action both horizontally and vertically. Maximum safety in backwards crash situations.

TRP Toe: A 4 roller system in the toe piece which allows perfect 180 degree release and 30% higher retention ability without compromising safety. It also helps absorb little shocks so they are not all transferred to you.

ABS - Anti Blocking System: A rollable toe pad enabling no friction release for perfect release regardless of boot wear, icing up or dirt.

Duracoating: A protective seal on the binding to help reduce wear for looks and performance.

Race Pro Heel: This heelpiece looses the diagonal release feature, but gains a more solid interface with the ski. The heads of the screws are much closer to the ski, reducing the amount of torque placed on them.

FreeFlex Pro : Presenting the innovative Freeflex Pro System we focus on a new level of performance: Due to reduced stand height the gliding band is now much closer to the ski boot and our free-gliding heel allows the ski to flex unimpeded. This ensures consistent release values, reduced risk of injury and even more power and precision steering your skis.


Gender Men's, Women's
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SKU 31246
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