Head i.Peak 90 premounted with Mojo 12 Bindings

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This new never used ski and binding comes with an LD 12 binding mounted to a 325mm, we can remount this binding for you at no charge.The phattest of the Peak family is the i.Peak 90, and this ski is a grizzly bear. Whether you're skiing through foot deep powder, chowdery crud, ice, a slalom race course, the surface of the moon, groomers, anything ANYWHERE, period. The only caveat is that you need to be a good skier, like, expert good. Because even with the Flow Ride tips (which soften the tips and make them a little easier to wield at slower speeds), you will need to charge these things or they will go down the mountain however they like. With that said, if you are a charger, these will plow through all sorts of terrain with phenomenal grip and stability.
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SKU 29025