Head Lite Rail 7.5 Ski Bindings

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The perfect LiteRail installment for the older kid or maybe even petite adult in the family, the LR 7.5 bridges the gap between children's gear and adult gear. These LR 7.5s use the same LiteRail track as the LR 4.5, 9 and 10, so these can be easily swapped between other skis and used with other LiteRail bindings. In addition to being interchangeable between other LiteRail skis, the LR binding can be adjusted for different boot sizes with just a screwdriver. These are the perfect choice for a family full of growing skiers, or even just a single growing skier who may need new skis before she needs new bindings.

Automatic Wing Adjustment: The toe of this binding automatically adjusts to the slightly different width among ski boots. This means it is one less adjustment to fuss with. Just step into the binding and go skiing.

Full Diagonal Toe: Intelligent 180degree release action both horizontally and vertically. Maximum safety in backwards crash situations.

SL Heel and Toe: Superlight components for easy skiing and reduced fatigue after a long day on the slopes.

TRP Toe: A 4 roller system in the toe piece which allows perfect 180 degree release and 30% higher retention ability without compromising safety. It also helps absorb little shocks so they are not all transferred to you.

ABS - Anti Blocking System: A rollable toe pad enabling no friction release for perfect release regardless of boot wear, icing up or dirt.

Dura-Coating: A scratch resistant coating to make the bindings look better for longer.

LiteRail Plates: These are great Railflex bindings but are compatible with LiteRail plates only, not Railflex Lite plates. If you are purchasing the binding we will provide a plate, but if you are using them on a ski that has a plate already installed make sure it is a LiteRail.


Gender Boy's, Girl's
Model Year 2013
Adjustable Yes
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina, UK, Ireland, Japan
Bindings Boot Compatible Child, Adult
SKU 20106
Country of Manufacturer Austria
Warranty Manufacturers two year standard warranty
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