Head 2013 REV 80 R SW Skis w/PR 11 Bindings

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The Head Rev 80 R SW Ski is a versatile, maneuverable ski intended for intermediate to advanced skiers. This ski is white and orange with a textured topsheet for some added protection from scratches (the "R" in the name stands for "Rental" and rental skis usually have this feature). The Rev series skis revolve around the ERA 3.0 technology which adds rocker in the tips and tails and a smaller turning radius (how long it takes to make a turn) for easier handling in any snow conditions. The Rev 80 is a great choice for advanced to expert skiers as well as seasoned upper intermediates looking to add some speed and off piste technique to their repertoire.
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SKU 31216

Product Questions

Product Questions

5'3" 125lb. I'm more mid level intermediate. Too much ski?
I am a senior (over 70) adventurist, intermediate/advance skier, at present 163 Head Monsters love them - I ski a lot in USA and want a wider ski -- for the softer pwder ! does these fit the bill ? or wehat would you recomend
I am a 47 year old experienced female skier looking for a ski that will carve turns easily and handle eastern hard pack. I like to ski black trails when my legs are fresh, but enjoy just gliding down the blue trails too. Would this ski be good for me? Should I consider the "pro" version?
hi there interested in this ski for my son - he is 12 years old, 41kg and 151 cm high - comfortably skis blues and odd balck run in softer conditions. Doesn't seem to be marketed as a kids ski but do you think woudl be ok? Also as an aside what is the difference between this version and the Head Rev 80 Pro you have elsewhere on your site?
Hi. I am 5'6" 140lb. I would consider myself an intermediate or upper intermediate skier. I probably spend 80% of my time on blues and 20% on black diamonds or in trees. I want a ski that can handle the black diamonds when I run them, but can carve and not too difficult to control if I want to ride the blues. Does one need to be "advanced" to handle this ski? Thanks!


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