Head Vector Evo 90 Women's Ski Boots 2016


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Gender Women's
Ability Level Intermediate/Advanced



The Vector Evo 90W is a performance all-mountain boot for advanced skiers who like speed with the added bonuses of comfort and simple usability. We recommend this boot to intermediate to advanced lady skiers looking for comfortable boot that will hold up under some aggressive skiing. Head also gives the skier full control of the fit with a fully customizable Form Fit shell for ultimate hold and responsiveness (this can be done at a local head ski boot dealer). High-end boots have never been so user-friendly.

Double Canting: Two adjustment bolts, one each side of the ankle, allow for maximum adjustment for leg/knee alignment problems. The canting helps the skis stay flat on the ground while you are still bow-legged or knock-kneed.

Form Fit Shell: Form fit is Head's 100% Customizable ski boot fitting system. Similar to the Fischer Vacuum, this system allows the skier to mold both the shell and the liner for the ultimate fit with minimal grinds and punches required in the future.

90 Flex rating: This boot has a flex rating in the intermediate to advanced range and is generally too stiff for beginners to lean on properly and too soft for experts to ski at top speeds.

Two Bolt Flex Adjust: One or both bolts at the back of the boot spine can be removed or added to adjust the flex of the boot. The boot is softer when the bolts are out, and stiffer when screwed into the shell.

Micro-adjustable alloy buckles: These alloy buckles can be moved to adjust for size, so if the default position of the buckle and the teeth is too wide or too narrow, you can move it until it fits.

Spine-Tech Buckles: The Spine-Tech buckle features a closure point that stays in place (it looks like a spinal cord). It increases overlap in the shell flaps which brings the boot closer to your leg and reduces pressure points that are usually caused with traditional buckles.

40mm strap: Super wide strap found on high performance boots. The extra width spreads out the force while skiing and reduces the pressure point on the upper shin.

98mm last: Forefoot width of 98mm for racing performance, not as concerned about comfort, although modern boots do a great job of keeping their performance boots quite comfortable.

Evo Stance: This shell has a hinge position, 18mm backward, precisely located to provide a progressive flex for expert skiers. With more vertical cuff and flatter boot board, skiers will find themselves in a very athletic, but relaxed stance.

Macro adjust ladder: The tooth plate opposite the top buckles can be moved in or out for a huge range of adjustment, and to fit narrow to wide lower legs.

Perfect Fit Liner: Perfect Fit is the revolutionary customization system that provides the best level of precision, comfort and durability. The Perfect Fit material allows the liner to adapt to your feet, ensuring maximum power transmission. 5 Minutes of heating is all that's required, or you can simply ski in the boot and it will mold over time.


Ability Level Intermediate/Advanced
Gender Women's
Forefoot Width 98mm
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina, UK, Ireland, Japan
Bindings Boot Compatible Adult
Flex 90
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty

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