Kids' Gear

Kids have more fun than anyone on the slopes so they need to have the right gear. We have a one of the best selections of kid's gear anywhere. This Holiday Season, allow us to help outfit your children with the best ski and snowboard gear for them. We offer a wide array of products for children of all ages and skill levels!

Kids' Gear:

Novice Gear

Your first couple of days on snow can be intimidating but when you have the right gear (and maybe a beer at lunch) it can change your life! We believe nothing is better than cruising down the mountain and we want to spread that joy to anyone and everyone. Be careful though, it can be pretty addicting! Check out our selection of gear for first or second time skiers, it's both high quality AND affordable.


Weekend Warrior Gear

The 9-5 Grind is real, and like the song says, it seems everyone actually IS working for the weekend. This category is for those brave souls in offices at standing desks who can't wait to spend those those precious weekend days skiing fast and taking chances. We have selected the best gear for the Weekend Warrior so you can spend less time in the shop and more time bombing down your favorite run.

Weekend Warrior:

Expert Gear

This category is for the self proclaimed "best skiers on the mountain" who require the stiffest boots, the fattest skis and lots of Gore-Tex. These skiers spend their time skiing fast down the steepest runs, no matter how skied out they are. Deep snow? These skiers live for it. We have chosen the best gear for the best skiers, it's that simple.


Bike Gear:

Stocking Stuffers: