Kali Protectives Veda Elbow Guard

Kali Protectives Veda soft elbow guards riders who are not afraid to go big. Great fit and great comfort that serves, ultimately, to make the dreaded 'swellbow' a thing of the past. "Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you got 'til its gone?" said Joni Mitchell. She probably meant something way different than your elbow's function, but the logic still stands. Do not take your elbows for granted. Show them some love and they will love you back.

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  • ARAMID weave for expanded protection and durability
  • Anti-pull down design, keeping your knee-shin protection in place
  • Washable, adjustable, anti-microbial materials
  • Quick adjustment with the precise fit strapping system
  • Internal elbow cup for protection from sharp impacts
  • Fits under most jerseys
  • Riding Style: DH

Additional Info

Bike Type MTB
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