Kids’ Winter Socks - Socks from Darn Tough, Fox River and more at L9 Sports
One of the most important, yet overlooked things when it comes to a great day in the winter for your little one is their socks. The wrong sock can turn a comfy winter day into a painful experience or a normal foot into a block of ice. Luckily, at L9 Sports, we carry the right kids’ winter socks for everyone. You might be surprised how much technology goes into a sock.

Winter Socks need to fit since the insulating factor is so important. Aside from the basic shoe size fitting, most winter socks include padding where warmth is most important (like the shin) while staying extra thin where you need the space (like the midfoot). Some winter socks stay thin all the way through for those who don’t have too many issues with cold feet. Be sure to read the description of each individual pair to see what they offer in terms of ergonomics and fit.

Materials Matter
Speaking of cold feet, how do winter socks keep your feet warm AND comfortable in a tight boot? The answer is the excellent materials used in the socks. You might think that some space-age synthetic fabric is the best, but actually the best socks are made with all natural Merino Wool. Merino Wool is soft, warm, fast drying and packs a lot of insulation into a small package. If you are used to itchy wool, this is different. If you are used to cotton, be prepared to have your mind blown. Merino Wool is simply the best. Some winter socks here at L9 are 100% Merino Wool, while others are a Merino Wool blend, but they will keep you warm either way. Be sure to check out the descriptions to see what any particular sock is made of.

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