Kinco Gloves w/ Orage Beanie Cold Weather Kit


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Little Hotties Hand Warmers
Little Hotties Hand Warmers
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This 'Cold Weather Kit' is a game changer for those blustery days that make you wonder why you aren't on the beach in Florida. We know how cold it can get on the mountain while skiing, but we also realize that cold weather extends to your doorstep as well. That's why we put together this Cold Weather Kit, complete with everything you will need to add some thermal rays bouncing back at your body and keeping you warm. Take your choice from the killer Kinco Gloves or Mittens, made of golden pig skin these supple gloves keep you warm and dry thanks to the supplied Nickwax, Heatkeep Thermal Insulation, and 2 pairs of Little Hotties hand warmers. The supplied L9 Nuggie facemask keeps the wind from freezing your neck and face, while the Orage Carpenter Beanie 'tops' this kit off with style. Great for skiing, shoveling the walk, or as an emergency kit to keep in your car. No matter how you use it we are sure you will love the simplicity and savings of this Kit.


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Gender Unisex

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