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Bike Gear Education

Bike Gear Education

The Bike Learn Center holds all of our two-wheel knowledge. From bike part 101s and maintenance tips to workout plans and bike apparel guides, we've got everything you need to become an expert.

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bike tire laying in the dirt connected to a bike pump while a person pumps air into the tire
Tire Pressure Guide

To many, a tire is either inflated or flat. However, different tire pressures can have an effect on performance, handling, efficiency, and more.

close up of a bike stem and handlebars on a light blue rocky mountain mountain bike
Bike Stems 101

Your bike's stem will affect the way your bicycle handles and the way your upper body feels the road. It is one of the most important bike parts for comfort and handling.

close up of a black bike crankset on an orange rocky mountain brand mountain bike
Types of Cranksets

There is a wide variety of cranksets on the market for different riding styles. This article will go over some of the basic crankset choices that a rider has to make.

Man lifting a black and red mountain bike off the tailgate of a truck, wearing a full-face bike helmet on his head




close up of a person wearing shorts sitting on the ground with their bike using a multitool to adjust parts on their mountain bike


rocky mountain brand mountain bike staged on its own in the grass in front of an old log cabin


Man wearing a black bike helmet and a tan backpack riding his mountain bike up a single-track path in a forest