Atomic Live Fit

One of the most popular boots of the past season, was without a doubt, the Atomic Live Fit. These boots fit 90% of our customers perfectly, and ended up being the go-to when a customer walked in with a tricky foot. I'm sure you're used to ski boots being incredibly particular and difficult to fit into, and probably doubting the comfort of this boot. But I assure you, it's the truth. So what makes the boot so special? Well, let's get down to what Live Fit is all about.

A few years ago, Atomic started revisiting the issue of uncomfortable ski boots. Rather than simply add more foam or gel to their boots, Atomic wanted to approach the problem from a construction standpoint. What they eventually decided to test, is the Live Fit system. Live Fit is literally a piece of elasticized plastic that's strategically placed on both sides of the boot's toe box. In a neutral position, the width of a Live Fit boot is 102mm. When a wider foot enters the boot though, the elastic zones are able to stretch to fit the actual width of the foot.

The result is an absolutely perfect fitting boot. In a typical situation, you'd have to stick your 103mm foot into a 104mm wide boot. With Live Fit, your 102mm boot actually forms to your 103mm foot. If you take it a step further, you realize that the Live Fit system isn't rounding millimeters either. So if your foot is actually 103.4852mm, then the Live Fit boot will become 103.4852mm wide. It's ingenious, and extremely comfortable.

It's important to mention that Live Fit boots aren't made with a certain ability level in mind. Atomic realizes that having a width adjusting boot is beneficial to skiers of all abilities, so they've made the Live Fit series span from beginner skiers, all the way up to advance skiers preferring a 120 flex.

atomic live fit

Atomic Hawx

The other series that we carry, is the Atomic Hawx. These boots are a narrower fit, measuring in at a 100mm last. This positions the Hawx series in the performance category, with flex ratings ranging from 80-120. The big story behind these boots, are Atomic's I-Flex zones. Looking at the Hawx boot, you notice that there are two sections towards the toe of the boot that look like hard plastic ribs. These are strategically placed zones that allows the boot to flex downward slightly, providing more pressure on the toe of the boot. This is essential to skiers looking to get the most from their boots. Despite the narrow last of these boots, customers have been pleasantly surprised by their level of comfort. Typically, a boot this narrow will be pretty uncomfortable until it's broken in a bit. With the Hawx series, you have instant comfort with a performance boot.

atomic hawx

So as you see, Atomic really does make some outstanding ski boots. Whether you're looking into the Atomic Live Fit or Atomic Hawx series, you know the boot's going to match your level of performance, while providing a totally comfortable ski experience. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Atomic Live Fit or Atomic Hawx now!

Atomic Waymaker

The Atomic Waymaker series comes with a free/lock system that lets the cuff pivot more freely at the shell with the flip of a lever, or lock down for aggressive skiing. While helpful in the parking lot and in the lodge, this system is designed specifically to be used for back and side country skiing. On the way up flip the lever so the cuffs have a greater range of motion for using with your touring bindings for the skin up. A live fit panel is included in all adult models of Waymakers to ensure good fit for both wide and narrow foot types.

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