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Atomic Skis

Atomic has an extensive history winning ski races. But even if you don't race, the technology and quality of these skis trickles down to the consumer level, giving you some of the best skis in the world. Atomic Skis Atomic Skis Rocker Profiles

Atomic started producing skis in 1955. Since then, Atomic has put as much effort into beginners having a blast on their skis as shaving milliseconds off a professional racers' time. This means that the average skier gets a lot of attention put into their gear, as compared to other companies that just push out skis to fill the void around competition level skis.

Last we checked, all Atomic carving skis have a 1 degree base bevel and a 3 degree side bevel. If this doesn't make sense to you, don’t worry about it too much. It’s really just some technical ski jargon that you’ll never have to know the details of. Just know that these are race level measurements that help your skis glide quicker, and hold an edge on hard pack even better. These are traits that you look for in a racing ski, and that Atomic has decided would be useful for skiers of all skill types.

Atomic Junior Skis

A lot of people might be under the impression that kids skis should be pretty minimal, so as to not complicate the learning process. The truth is, kids skis should have the same essential characteristics as their adult counterparts, and just be shorter and softer. I’ll cut to the chase. The Atomic kids skis are amazing for learning thanks to their durable construction, lightweight, and nimble shape. These skis are fast and hold an edge really well for a set of kids’ skis.

Atomic Women's Skis

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Atomic also makes great female skis that are sure to meet the standards of even the most demanding skier. Typically, female specific skis are lighter, shorter, and a little softer in the flex. Atomic understands this, but doesn’t take it as an opportunity to skimp out on quality. These skis feature Active Camber, Women’s Flex Zones, and additional heel lift. These are all techniques that Atomic has woven together to create an incredible ski for beginning females, all the way through progressing intermediates.

Atomic Powder Skis


Chances are, if you haven’t found yourself at home in any of these categories yet, then you’re a powder hound. Don’t worry, Atomic hasn’t overlooked you. Over the past few years, Atomic has really stepped up their game in the world of twin tip skis. For proof, look no further than the latest 2014 Atomic Bent Chetler.

The Bent Chetler is a powder-centric, giant rocker ski. It features rocker in the tip and tail, and boasts a 123mm waist. In terms of available lengths, you’ve got two choices: 183 cm or 192 cm. Sounds a little different than a race ski, huh? But it has one thing in common. It can still carve just as well as it’s thinner counterparts, thanks to Atomic’s Hybrid Sidecut. Combined with the extreme rocker on these skis, the Bent Chetler’s are surprisingly agile on the groomers.

Atomic Rocker Profiles

Atomic's tailor-made rocker profiles: The ideal shape for maximum fun on the slopes!

Atomic strives to build the perfect skis. Or, to be more precise: they strive to build the perfect ski for every skier and every terrain. Which is why they precisely tailor the waist, flex and materials to the intended purpose of their skis. But they didn't stop there. To optimize the behavior of the ski for soft, uneven or hard snow, they also offer three different profile constructions: Powder Rocker, Adaptive Rocker and Active Camber. Which means Atomic is able to provide every skier with a ski which not only meets but also exceeds his or her expectations.

Technical Background: What is the shape of a ski, what is a rocker? How big is the camber, how pronounced is the curve at the tip and where are the ski's contact points those points at which the ski makes contact with the snow when not under stress? All of these factors determine the shape and influence the character and behavior of the ski considerably. When the classic camber below the binding is combined with a negative camber at the tip ("Rocker"), the agility and lift of the ski in soft snow can be improved while also maintaining stability on harder terrain.

Atomic's three profile philosophies for maximum performance -

atomic powder rocker

ATOMIC POWDER ROCKER Ultimate lift in deep fresh snow, stability on harder terrain: the Powder Rocker combines classic camber with a pronounced Rocker Shape at the ski tip. Delivering stability and maximum lift in powder snow. Depending on the skier and intended use of the ski, ATOMIC offers both moderate and more radical models with a gentler or more pronounced curve. The Pop Rocker variation features a Powder Rocker at the tip and tail. Models: e.g. Bent Chetler, Automatic, Access.

atomic adaptive camber

ADAPTIVE ROCKER The secret weapon in the all-mountain skier's arsenal: flexible, versatile and precise. The Adaptive Rocker maximizes the effective edge length, combining maximum edge grip with unbridled fun on the slopes in soft snow. Because the tip lifts slightly under pressure, the ski turns easily, does not edge and delivers optimum lift in soft snow. Models: Nomad Crimson Ti.

atomic active camber

ACTIVE CAMBER The classic profile maximizes the effective edge length while ensuring smoothness and providing optimum support on hard to icy terrain. Making this construction ideal for skiers who prefer to ski on-piste. Models: e.g. Atomic Children's Vantage.