Bern Helmets

When it comes to choosing a ski helmet, there’s no messing around. You’re trusting the helmet that you choose to provide you with some last chance protection in case of a fall. Unfortunately, this kind of protection often comes with the cost of looking not-so-cool. That is of course, until you take a look at Bern helmets.
The first thing you’re going to notice when you look at these helmets is going to be that they look cool. This might be something you notice consciously, or you may just take it in as an overall impression. Regardless, Bern has the style factor on lock.
Now you may be saying, “Great, they look cool, but who cares? I just need a protective helmet.” And you’re totally right. To answer your question though, your kids (if you have them) care, and it probably matters to the point that they won’t wear a helmet because it makes them look silly. To skiers or boarders like this, Bern helmets are quite literally, a lifesaver.

Bern Zip Mold


Speaking of which, let’s talk about some of the technology that they utilize in their helmets. A great place to start is with the Zip Mold series. Zip Mold helmets utilize a combination of a PVC shell, and a liquid injected Zipmold foam. The result is a helmet that is extremely lightweight, and just as strong as a standard helmet. They have a soft shell design, which absorbs more energy on impact than hard shell helmets. When a soft shell Zip Mold helmet gets in a high impact crash, it will actually deform and even crack on impact. And even though I know some of you just put on a confused expression, this is actually a good thing. What this means is that rather than the energy from the impact being cushioned by your helmet, it is actually being fully absorbed and dispersed through the cracking of your helmet. Think of it like this: a typical helmet will take say, 80% of the impact, and the rest will go to your head. A Zip Mold helmet will take more like 95% of the impact, causing it to crack and deform. The result of this is a broken helmet and a safe head. We currently have Zip Mold’s available in the Cougar, Cougar 2 and Berkeley.

Bern EPS

Moving right along, we come to the EPS (Expanded Polystyreme) series. The EPS comes in two types: the Light Carbon Shell, and the Thin ABS Shell. Here at Level Nine Sports, we only carry ABS Shell EPS helmets, so that’s where we’ll focus.
The ABS Thin Shell models are helmets that are wrapped with a super thin shell, designed specifically for EPS foam. Through this unique combination of materials, Bern has created a series of helmets that are VERY lightweight, and super durable. In fact, the current season’s ABS Thin Shell helmets are 20% lighter than last season! And unlike Zip Mold helmets, they've made the EPS series more durable during crashes, and able to maintain it’s form and function in even the most high impact crashes. We currently have the EPS available in a wide variety of helmets, including the Watts, Macon, Brighton, and Lenox.

Bern Hard Hat

Finally, we arrive at the Hard Hat series. First and foremost, it is important to know that these are the only helmets from Bern that are not certified helmets. We’ll come back to this in a second, but let’s discuss some details first.
The Bern Hard Hat is constructed using the same ABS Thin Shell as an EPS model, however it has been manipulated slightly to work with Bern’s trademark Brock Foam. This type of foam is significantly less dense than foam in other helmets, and works by using more air to cushion the impact. Now let’s get back to the safety rating, and I’ll go over a couple of reasons why you might find this acceptable.

Traditional ski helmets generally follow the rule of, “One and done.” This means that if you get in a collision while wearing your helmet, chances are it’s no longer as safe as it was before the accident, as the construction has been compromised. Well, for a lot of skier and snowboarders who spend their time in terrain parks, minor falls are just part of the game. As you can imagine, it’d be really annoying, as well as expensive, to have to buy a new helmet every time you fell in the park. That's why there's the Hard Hat helmet, which is capable of handling numerous low impact collisions, without becoming too damaged to use again. Besides this not so obvious benefit, the Hard Hat is also a great match for a picky skier or boarder who refuses to wear a helmet unless it looks cool. Well in this case, if all they will wear is a Hard Hat, then it’s a great alternative to not wearing a helmet at all. Currently, we have the Bern Baker in stock with the Hard Hat option.

Alright, quick recap to make sure we’re all on board here. Reason’s why Bern helmets are awesome:

#1. They’re stylish
#2. They offer three different types of protection.
#3. They can be used for any sport, in any condition.

Bern All Seasons Helmets

“Wait, what was that last one?” Yup, you read correctly. Not only are these helmets stylish and awesome for protection, but thanks to their All Season’s technology, all of them can be used for any sport in any weather. Simply by switching out the liner, a helmet like the Macon can be used for anything from skiing to kayaking. So not only are you getting stylish protection, but you’re also saving your wallet by not buying multiple helmets for multiple sports.
So no matter which helmet you choose, just remember that you can go biking in the morning, snowboarding mid-day, and skateboarding at night, all without changing your helmet. Yes, it is sweet and that is why we sell them here.