Dalbello Ski Boots

Unlike a lot companies that make ski boots, Dalbello only manufactures ski boots. This means there are no ski technologies, no binding functionality, or other random product technologies getting mixed up with their research. Instead, Dalbello is focused 100% on, well, boots. The result is that Dalbello Boots are some of the best in the industry.

At the moment, the center of Dalbello's research and development program is their team of sponsored athletes. Back in the early 2000’s, just as free skiing was starting to pick up, Glen Plake (one of the early pioneers of extreme skiing) came up with the idea for what is now Dalbello’s Rider Development Project. Essentially, this is a program that puts professional athletes in direct contact with the engineers of Dalbello boots. This helps the engineers who design Dalbello ski boots by getting unfiltered input regarding every single boot. This results in a series of incredible boots that have been developed as a direct response to the needs of professional athletes.

Freestyle Dalbello Boots

dalbello construction

So it goes without saying that Dalbello boots are some of the best ski boots that money can buy. This is especially true for their freestyle line, which is hard to beat. Dalbello's freestyle boots are constructed with Dalbello's own Cabrio 3-piece system. This means these boots are three piece (as opposed to a traditional 2 piece boot) that uses a flexible tongue to provide increased support, and decreased shin bang. The cabrio design has also enabled Dalbello boots to create a progressive flex in which the boot will become stiff or softer depending on how much force is being exerted onto the tongue of the boot.

Dalbello Boots for Men

If the freestyle boots sound too technical for you, don’t worry. We also have a handful of Dalbello boots aimed at the intermediate crowd. And while they may not have all of the crazy features as the high end boots, you know that these boots are still quality, as Dalbello always starts with a high quality boot, and slowly trims features to make boots that are acceptable for less aggressive skiers. All of these Dalbello boots are similar in that they are 105 mm wide, and have a flex between 100-130.

So really, no matter who you are, Dalbello boots has your back. If you're just starting, there's a whole slew of boots to choose from, whether you're male of female. If you're an intermediate skier, then the Dalbello Voodoo is perfect for you. It has a friendly flex of 75, and a wide last of 103 mm. If you're more advanced, then really any of the Krypton boots would work for you, as it has a performance oriented last (98 mm), and flexes up to 120. So there you have it! What are you waiting for? Go check out some Dalbello boots! Still not ready to dive in? Try using our Ski Boot Selector to get some ideas.