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Head Skis

The company was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1950 by aeronautical engineer Howard Head, after he took a ski trip and was astonished to see his skis were made of wood in an era when metals and plastics were replacing wood in many product designs. Head Ski Company includes parts of several previously independent companies, including Head Ski Company, founded in Delaware in 1950 and Tyrolia, an Austria ski-equipment manufacturer. Head Skis produced one of the first successful metal-wood composite downhill skis, the Head Standard.

The Head Standard ski quickly became the "standard" in skiing, until it and other Head designs were capturing over 50% of the US market during the 1960s. With an up and coming ski design many other companies started to follow in the footsteps of Head Skis, by starting to make the switch from wood constructed skis to using metals and plastics to improve the performance of the sport we have all come to love.

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