Intuition Boot Liners

Intuition Boot Liners

Most people would benefit greatly from custom boot liners, but get scared away because of the hefty price tag. Custom liners at a specialty shop cost $200-400.

Level Nine has been able to track down some of the best liners in the skiing and snowboarding world, and somehow scored an incredible deal. Don't worry, they are not pirated copies or knock offs, these are real Intuition liners, delivering higher performance for any level of skier.

With the help of the Intuition boot liners, almost any fit problem can be solved. Because the liner has a unique heat sensitive foam, it will make a mold of your foot in the shell of the boot. The liner stays thick where you need extra support, but gets thin at the pressure point areas to create extra room. The Intuition liners really do provide a custom fit.

One of the great things about these boot liners is the increased warmth. The foam is a closed cell, similar to wetsuit material. A little moisture can be passed through the liner so you don't get swampy feet, but the heat stays trapped in the boot.

To sum it up, the Intuition liners will make your feet happy.