Look Ski Bindings

Look Ski Bindings

Look bindings are some of the most technical bindings on the market. All Look bindings provide excellent contact between your boot and binding, giving you precise control of your skis, over a variety of terrain. One of Look's most popular bindings, the Pivot, features a pivoting heel that allows for lateral releases in the heel. This increases the safety of the binding, and aggressive skiers are able to worry less about injuring their knee as a result of a slow, twisting fall. After all, this is where the Pivot heel is the most effective.

Across the board, Look bindings also have a reputation for being some of the most durable bindings available. This is especially great for expert skiers, but is also extremely helpful if you have multiple junior skiers and like the idea of handing the bindings down.

And if this isn't enough to get you interested in Look, you might also consider the fact that Rossignol trusts Look to manufacture all of their bindings for them. As a result, any Rossignol branded binding that you see, is actually a Look binding, and the same great quality should be expected!

After Look stopped making their infamous pivot series binding around 2007, expert skiers got mad. I mean it. A lot of people were really upset with this decision since it was one of the only, and definitely the best, bindings with a lateral releasing heel. So after Look realized they messed up, and that people were searching out used pivots from years ago, they decided to reintroduce the series to expert level riders. As a bit of a side note, it's also good to know that Look produces their pivot series for Rossignol, who sells the binding under the moniker "FKS". Yes, this is something that ski brands do on purpose, just to confuse people.

Now that you've been briefed, let's go over why the FKS 18 turntable bindings were/are revered:

1. The turntable function of the heelpiece (as opposed to the toe piece) directly under the knee which greatly reduces the leverage applied to the knee during excessive loads. This especially gives very good protection against slower twisting rearward falls which is were a high din user would be vulnerable.
2. The toe piece & pivoting heelpiece has a very large range of travel (AFD is the widest on the market) so will keep the boot in the binding for longer before pulling the boot back in which allows a lower din to be used.
3. When it does release, it gives a very smooth consistent release, especially for a high din binding.
4. Toe piece had no vertical release which big huckers & jibbers prefer.
5. Full metal bomb proof construction.
6. Relatively light weight for a full metal high din binding.
7. Very compact footprint to heel & toe base plates to minimize affect on the flex on the ski.
8. Because the heel can move in conjunction with the toe of the binding the Pivot design reduces or possibly eliminates inadvertent release due to sheer loads (lateral shock that is neither twist at the toe or heel).
9. The large 'cam locking' phallic heelpiece lever (as used on all Look's/Rossi's better models since) made it very easy to step in to in deep snow.
10. They're believed to give the best feel/feedback from the ski of any binding on the market.

To those of you who have been fans of the pivot for years, you already know. To those of you who are just hearing about it, we'll be expecting a call! 877-589-7547