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Marmot began when University of California Santa Cruz students Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntley were in Juneau Alaska on a Glaciology project and had the idea to found a club. They called it the Marmot Club, the main rule for the club was you had to climb a glacial peak with another "Marmot" to become apart of the club. A Marmot is actually a group of highly social, large ground squirrels that live in mountainous areas, but they thought there was a great relation between them and the furry critters. Together Eric and Dave came up with several prototypes fitting they're outdoor needs as adventurers. A few years following they rented an old building in Grand Junction, CO and they started they're first store, Marmot Mountain Works. Here at L9 we have a great variety of men's, women's, and kid's clothing for sale. Marmot Prides itself on it's three goals. People, Product, Planet.

People: To create fair human working conditions, to support social initiatives and to foster a multi-cultural company philosophy.
Product: To produce the best outdoor equipment which meets the expectations of mountain professionals and enthusiasts.
Planet: To produce environmental friendly products and foster a global ecological awareness.