roces ski boots

Roces Ski Boots

It's about time! There are two issues with buying kids boots (which apply to buying them either online or in-person) The first is that they just outgrow them so fast. The second is that youngsters will often complain a boot is too tight when it isn't. How then do you buy a boot that will fit and doesn't need to be dumped after 1/2 a season? In the past you just bought a boot a size or two bigger than needed and let it be. Obviously even a child will ski better in a boot that isn't a big sloppy thing, but what could you do? You had no good option until now. Roces adjustable ski boots are the answer that was obvious to many in the industry and something that took too long to come about.

Now you can get a boot that fits your child well and lasts for years. But that is not all no that is not all. If your child is using the same skis for a couple seasons you will not have to get a binding remount or re-position! The sole length of the boot does not change so even as you expand the boot to fit your child's bigger foot, the binding position remains the same. And when you pass the ski/boot along to the next junior ripper? Yes of course you adjust the boot to the new smaller foot but again do not have to re-position the bindings. Of course the actual release values may change if your skiers ability, age, height, or weight changes substantially, but no one will ever need to remount or re-position the bindings.

Yes they do perform well.. and honestly they are some of the best looking junior boots on the market. All of which makes us at say.


Roces Technical Features

Micrometrics Buckle: Shock resistant, long lasting, micrometric buckles.

Adjustable Rack: The buckle's rack be adjusted in two different positions in order to improve the ski boot comfort.

Easy Entry System: Putting on and taking off Roces boots is eased thanks to the special smooth material of the liner.

Snow Stopper:Long tested. It successfully stops the snow from entering the boots through gaps in the shell.

Liner Bellows System:The staple feature of IDEA's liner is a peculiar and unique adjusting system which, unlike most of the 'fake' systems available today pretending to work as such, performs its task through a bellowing device allowing a real growth of the liner respecting the natural development of the foot. The Liner Bellows System (LBS) has been devised to avoid any pressure on heel, toes or whatsoever uncomfortable feeling wherever on any foot. In fact the natural/resting position of the liner is with the bellows extended to the biggest size, while shortening the shell makes the bellows compress into smaller sizes. It is easily understood that it is not the foot who makes the liner growing size system work but the shell itself.

Adjusting the Boot Length: 1.Open the upper buckle. 2.Rotate the "6in1" lever to the desired size. You can use the leverage bar to turn the dial or push or pull the heel by hand. Turn clockwise to make larger counterclockwise to make smaller. 3.Close the lever into place with the hole in the metal tab fitting over one of the tabs.

Adjusting the Cuff Height Loosen the allen nut on the back of the boot. Raise or lower the cuff as desired, higher for longer calves lower for shorter calves. Tighten the nut.

See the link on our videos page if you need more detailed instructions.