Royal Shaft Ski Poles

Royal Shaft Ski Poles

Composite shaft: Composite of what? Who really knows, but they are strong enough for us to comfortably offer a one year warranty and have the slight flex that doctors have recommended to relieve stress from the spine (seriously.) You could save a couple bucks and get an aluminum (or otherwise pretend breakable composite) or pay 2-3x as much for a similar composite, but that would be well... stupid.

Comfort grip: A medium stiff plastic that is hard enough to be stable yet soft enough to not cause discomfort. It is contoured to fit most any hand size well.

Easy In Strap System: This is by far the best ski pole strap on the market. No longer do you have to struggle to get your hand in the strap or have it secure around your wrist. Simple velcro... I know anyone could have thought of that, but Royal did and since they are patent crazy you probably won't see them on any other poles unless you are buying illegal black market rip off poles from the back of an old station wagon.

Hardened Metal tip: A very strong tip for secure pole plants, the hardened metal of the tip is also very stable and resistant to deforming. No one ever thinks about pole tips so no need to start now.

Interchangable baskets: All Royal Shaft ski poles from come with standard small ribbed baskets for extra stability on your pole plants on groomed runs. They also come with a bigger basket for resistance in powder or deep crud. Make sure you properly screw your baskets on by gripping the middle of the pole and pushing the basket onto the tip and turning clockwise at the same time, the basket should be on so that none of the threads on the tip are visible.

Sublimated deep rich graphics: The trademark of The Royal Shaft ski poles are their unique graphics. The sublimation process embeds the graphic deeply into the pole so that the quality artwork remains long after the print on graphics of other poles peel away.

Detailed artwork: Many of the poles have been designed with artwork to specifically match some of our higher volume skis, all of them are high detail art.