Smith Goggles

Smith Optics is a brand that specializes in all kinds of optic wear. From sunglasses to snow goggles, Smith puts unrivaled attention to detail in their products. The result is one of the highest quality pieces of optic wear that you can buy. Here at Level Nine, we just got our first order ever in from Smith. The goggles look better than we'd expected, and we're super stoked for the opportunity to be carrying this great brand. For our first order from Smith, we picked up a wide variety of goggles, insuring that we have a perfect match for any man, woman, or child.


Smith Goggles: Spherical Series

smith goggles 1

Let's get started with some of the goggles we got from Smith's Spherical Series. All of the goggles in this line will have spherical lenses that reduce distortion of light that passes through the lens. Spherical series goggles are some of the best goggles in the entire market, not only because of their shape, but also because of the additional features that Smith puts into their goggles. For instance, take their patented Vaporator technology, with a Porex Filter. This is essentially a little filter that's on the outside lens that allows moisture to escape from between the lenses, while keeping water out. Anyone who has ever had fog between their lenses knows how much of a lifesaver this little piece of technology could be. We currently have the Anthem, Heiress, Phase, Virtue, and Prophecy available from the Spherical Series. Each of these goggles are a little different between their frames, colors, and available lenses, so be sure to shop around a bit before making a final decision. To make your decision a little easier, I'll let you know that the Phase, Heiress, and Anthem are technically women's goggles, meaning they have a smaller lens than the Prophecy and Phenom. If you need additional information, check out the comparison chart at the bottom of the page, or check out each product page.


Smith Goggles: Airflow Series

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Moving along, we also have a handful of goggles from Smith's Airflow series. This series is Smith's stripped down, no-shenanigans approach to affordable goggles. While some companies might offer affordable goggles by reducing the quality of their materials, Smith simply reduces the amount of "extras" included with the goggle. So getting back to the Airflow series, these goggles are your expected high quality Smith construction, without the technical features you might find in the spherical series goggles. Smith was careful not to overdue it though, and left in key features such as their Airflow ventilation. This is essentially a row of vents on the brow of the goggle that allows ventilation to both the interior of the goggle, as well as between the lenses. Currently, we have the Smith Scope and Cascade available as unisex options, and the Transit available for the ladies. Again, the only real difference, other than cosmetics, is the size of the lens. If you're a guy who happens to be digging a pair of female goggles, don't even hesitate. They'll work great for you.


Smith Goggles: Regulator Series

smith goggles 3

If you're not totally convinced that you need something as high tech as a spherical series goggle, but don't want to cut out all of the features completely, then you're still in luck. For our customer's of this taste, we picked up the Smith Stance from the Regulator series. Much like the goggles from the Airflow series, Smith started the Regulator series by cutting some of the non-essentials. Unlike the airflow series though, Smith stopped a bit sooner. The result is that the Smith Stance is a goggle that's right between the Spherical and Airflow series goggles. While the Smith Stance doesn't have a Porex Filter, it does have adjustable vents that allow you, the wearer, to control the amount of air passing through your lenses. This is an awesome feature when the temperature is subject to change, and you don't want to be taking your goggles on and off. Additionally, the Smith Stance offers an Ergonomic Outrigger Positioning system, which is a fancy way of saying that the frame is attached to the strap by a hinge system. While the hinge isn't as flexible as the Articulating Outrigger Positioning system that can be found on the Spherical series goggles, it does provide more comfort and adjustability than goggles from the Airflow series. We currently have a ton of frame/lens color options available in the Smith Stance, so if this sounds like the goggle for you, head over to the product listing and grab your pair before someone else does!