Smith Sunglasses

Usually we don't sell high end items, because usually they're just over priced versions of their run of the mill counter parts. Smith sunglasses are different though. Unlike many of their competitors, Smith crams countless features into every pair of their sunglasses. Take their Tapered Lens Technology (TLT) for instance.

Smith Sunglasses: TLT Technology

Smith's TLT is an idea that they use in both their ski goggles and sunglasses. Normally, when you look through a piece of curved glass (ie, a lens), your vision is distorted by they way light rays pass through the lens. To counteract this, Smith tapers their lenses so that the outer lens is closest to the inner lens at the edges, with a larger space in the center. This "straightens" the UV rays that are otherwise distorted when passing through a curved lens. Smith TLT is available on all of the sunglasses that we have from them, including the Smith Serpico Slim,Smith Showdown, and Smith Spree.

Smith Sunglasses: Techlite Glass TLT

Another awesome piece of technology from Smith is their Techlite Glass TLT. Sunglasses with these lenses feature the pinnacle of polarized lens technology. In Smith's Techlite Glass TLT, they carefully construct a lens consisting of 9 layers that is as optically correct as possible. Between these 9 layers, light rays are carefully managed to maximize clarity and comfort. Additionally, these lenses utilize an Anti Reflective coating which minimizes back glare, so your vision is clear on even the most sunny of days. This top end technology is only available on the Smith Chief, Smith Backdrop, and Smith Aura. Quantities on these sunglasses are already low, so if you want the best of the best, then you'd better act fast!

Beyond these two major pieces of technology, Smith has a whole slew of other tools that make their sunglasses the top of the line. From their Carbonic Scratch Resistant coating to their Hydrophillic Megol Pads and Grilamid® TR90 frames, Smith Sunglasses utilize the best technologies available to provide you with the ultimate optic experience.