Ski Boot Fitting Instructions

Alpine Ski Touring Boots

What Is Ski Touring?

Ski touring is the term used for hiking a mountain and skiing down it. There is a specific subset of gear for touring that is for the most part lighter than typical downhill equipment.

What Are AT Boots?

Alpine ski touring boots are ski boots specifically designed for the demands of climbing and descending on skis with alpine touring bindings. They are usually more comfortable and lighter to accommodate the climbing aspect which is what you will be doing most of the day. This is an example of a touring boot & binding.

Who Should Use Them?

You can use normal boots with most alpine touring bindings, but you cannot use alpine touring boots with most normal bindings. Alpine touring bindings adjust to different toe heights and so can accommodate most boots. Downhill bindings cannot usually safely fit the different toe heights of alpine touring boots. We offer a few different alpine touring ready boots now. Full List Of AT boots.