Backcountry Essentials

This season is the perfect time to start earning your turns. Gear up for backcountry skiing.

Safety is Priority #1

Black Diamond EVAC Shovel

Dig in. Dig out.

A good shovel is an essential tool for any backcountry adventurer. For one thing, digging snow pits to analyse the snowpack for avalanche danger is one of the main skills required for safe skiing in uncontrolled terrain. Of course, the most important reason to carry a good shovel is emergency preparedness.

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The Black Diamond EVAC shovel is sturdy but lightweight, and can fold into a hoe shape to save critical seconds during an emergency rescue.

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PIEPS DSP Sport Avalanche Beacon 2017

Carry a beacon.

An avalanche tranceiver is perhaps the most important pice of equipment you hope to never need to use. Of course, the most important part of carrying a beacon is knowing how to use it, so don't forget to practice with your beacon before hitting the trailhead.

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The Pieps DSP Sport is an intuitive three-antenna beacon with a large search radius and a smart transmitter.

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Atomic Tracker ABS Freeride Pro Pack

Deploy the airbag.

ABS avalanche backpacks have grown in popularity in the last few years and have been shown to be an effective tool in increasing avalanche survivability. Once deployed, the airbag acts much like a life preserver and helps keep you on top of the slide, reducing burial and traumatic injury risk.

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The Atomic Tracker ABS Freeride Pro Pack is ABS BaseUnit compatible as well as providing all of the features required in a skiing daypack.

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Black Diamond Avalung Element

Keep breathing.

Since its invention about fifteen years ago, the Avalung has become a staple in the safety tool box of avalanche professionals the world over. Obviously, avoiding burial in an avalanche is the best way to stay safe, but if you do want to ski higher risk lines in the backcountry, an Avalung can increase your chances of surviving an emergency by increasing the amount of time you will be able to breath if you are buried. Over 80% of avalanche deaths are a result af asphixiation, so gaining a few extra minutes of breath can make the difference between life and death.

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The Black Diamond Avalung Element directs exhaled CO2 away from your face, so that air in the snow remains breathable for up to four times longer in the event that you are buried.

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Black Diamond Quick Draw 240 Probe

Be ready to probe.

An avalanche probe is an important tool used in avalanche rescue, and every member of a backcountry touring group should carry one. The probe is used as the name suggests: to probe into the snowpack in search of a buried skier. They collapse small enough to be convenient to carry but quickly extend to their full length in case of an emergency. A good probe should be lightweight, tough and easy to use.

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The Black Diamond Quick Draw 240 Probe will add only 10 oz to your backpack. The Speed Ferrules and pull cord allow a fast and secure deployment every time.

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The Right Tools to Make your Climb Enjoyable

Black Diamond Ultralite Mix STS Climbing Skins

A good set of skins

If you're going to the backcountry, you're going to need a good set of skins for your skis. Good climbing skins will be lightweight yet durable. Look for materials and textures that will give your skis a good grip on the snow.

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The Black Diamond Ultralite Mix STS climbing skins are some of the lightest skins on the market. The combination of nylon for durability and mohair for grip ensures these skins will keep up with your backcountry adventures for a long time. The STS system is ideal for skiers who want to share skins on more than one pair of skis since they can adjust up to 10cm in length on the fly.

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Fritschi Diamir Vipec 12 Touring Bindings 2016

The ideal set of bindings

For those wishing to keep their backcountry setup light and functional, pin style bindings are crucial. You want maximum comfort with minimal fatigue during the climb. When it comes to the descent, you want solid downhill performance and release characteristics. Pair them with a lightweight pair of boots and skis and you will be cruising uphill in record time.

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The Fritschi Diamir Vipec 12 is a solid choice for an entry level tech binding. With their solid downhill performance, strong release characteristics, compact pivot point and frameless design, you'll be able to climb and descend with confidence.

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Salomon SPLIT Split Snowboard w/ Skins 2016

Snowboarders do it, too.

Boarders: don't let the skiers have all the backcountry fun. You can purchase split snowboards that are sliced down the middle, so you can climb up like you're using a pair of skis and then re-attach the board and adjust the bindings to snowboard down. Some boarders choose to cut an old board and convert it into a split board, while others snowshoe up with their board strapped to their back.

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The Salomon SPLIT Split Snowboard includes pre-cut skins and Voile inserts for a high level of functionality on the climb. Once you reach the top, join the board and swap the bindings to the ride position and enjoy a solid performing all-mountain board for your descent. You can keep using your exisiting boots and, with the Voile system, your existing bindings to make the backcountry more acessible than ever.

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Salomon MTN Lab AT Ski Boots 2017

Boots are a big deal.

It goes without saying you want ski boots that are comfortable and lightweight enough for climbing. Coupled with that, look for a pair that is stiff enough for aggressive skiing. If you're going to be climbing, you're boots are really going to make or break your trip, so this is one area where you don't want to skimp.

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The Salomon MTN Lab AT Ski Boots boast a perfect combination of features for human powered ski enthusiasts of all types. Ever since we got our first look at these boots, they have been an employee favorite around the L9 Sports headquarters. Salomon is relatively new to the tech boot market, but they have absolutely hit it out of the park with this boot.

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Salomon MTN Explore 95 Touring Skis

What skis up must ski down.

For serious backountry adventures, you need a seriously lightweight pair of skis. With a good tech binding and lightweight boots, the right skis won't weigh you down too much on the climb. Try to find the perfect balance weight and performance. The climb is only half of the experience, and you want something that can handle the rigors of technical skiing through the backcountry.

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The Salomon MTN Explore 95 Touring Ski is the ultimate combination of uphill climbing efficiency and downhill performance. If you mount them with the right binding, they will ski up or down any mountain with ease.

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