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Snow reflects UV light, amplifying the effect it can have on your eyes. Add the effects of wind, falling snow, and obstacles such as tree branches, and it is obvious why one should never ski without eye protection. We at Level Nine Sports realize how difficult it is to pick the best sunglasses or goggles for you. Unfortunately when it comes to style and deciding which goggles or sunglasses look best on you, you're on your own. When it comes to the tech stuff well, we're a little better at that.

All the sunglasses and goggles we carry are all UV protected so your eyeballs won't burn out. As far as lenses go, just keep in mind that the darker the lens the better it will be in brighter conditions. Mirrored or reflective lenses work even better in bright conditions. Lighter or clear lenses are good for more mellow conditions or night skiing but will still protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Some goggles even come with multiple lenses that can be switched out to accommodate the conditions on any particular day. You get the picture. If you're looking for other specific features you can view the individual product pages. As always, if you need more information feel free to give us a call, email us or click the live chat!