Rocker Snowboards

Originally intended to make powder riding easier, rockered snowboards are now being used in all forms of snowboarding because of a few benefits we'll describe here. But for starters, a little history: A long, long time ago, ski manufacturers 'stole' the aggressive sidecut of snowboards to invent shaped skis. This revolution in skiing saved the sport, and became interesting, as skiers began to feel the carving sensation that snowboarders have been experiencing for years. Then a few years later, skis stole the idea of the twin tip, saving the sport of skiing once again. In more recent history, Shane McConkey revolutionized powder skiing with the Volant Spatula, which had reverse sidecut, and more importantly, reverse camber. This ski basically looked like a waterski. This design has been improved on countless times since, and skis that now have reverse camber in the tip and/or tail are referred to as having 'Rocker.' All that means is the tips and/or tails raise up off the snow much more than standard skis.

So, back to how this relates to snowboards... Snowboarders saw the advantages of rockered skis, and finally stole the technology to put it into their powder snowboards. It was only a matter of time before the rocker made its way into all mountain boards and even in to park specific boards. So, why would rocker help a rider that isn't even getting into powder? Well, for a few reasons, as follows:

  • -The tip and tail won't catch as easily, making the learning experience more enjoyable
  • -Turn initiation is easier
  • -It is easier to make quick turns in tight spots
  • -Tricks become easier to perform
  • -'Butter' style tricks are much easier than traditional boards
And of course, riding in powder is easier than ever, because the board will float easier, and will get on top of the powder at a slower speed (or not as steep of a hill). Rockered snowboards are here to stay, and fortunately, Level Nine Sports has scored a few that will improve your snowboarding overnight. Take a look at the boards we have, feel free to ask any questions, then get out riding on a rocker snowboard!