Ski Boots

Ski Boots

There are a lot of factors that go into picking the correct boot. If the terms below seem like a bit more than you want to deal with, make sure to try our ski boot selector. It will help narrow down our selection based on how you enjoy to ski. Boot Selector If you want to get into the nitty gritty of ski boots, keep reading.

Flex: refers to how easily a boot will lean or bend forward. The higher the flex - the stiffer the boot and the harder it is to get it to bend. Faster and more extreme skiers want a higher flex of 90-130), while intermediates are comfortable in the 60-80 range. Getting a boot too stiff is not only uncomfortable, but also makes skiing extremely difficult. If you know that you want and need a very stiff boot then go for it. If you are not truly a speed or extreme skier, we encourage you to get a more comfortable boot.

Performance/comfort is generally how boots are classified. Though flex is a part of whether a boot is labeled a performance or comfort boot, overall volume also affects how responsive a boot is. Boot forefoot widths range from 96-106mm. Anything under 100mm is a narrow race boot and anything over 103mm is a comfortable recreational boot. Though you can measure your forefoot at it's widest point, this is usually a meaningless number. The performance and comfort of the boot will be a combination of the flex, the width, and the actual mondo sizing. Those who want better performance often "size down" and those who want more comfort should stay true to their recommended size.

Binding compatibility is not an issue for the normal range of adult boots. There are a few potential issues that can arise with Junior boots though.

Junior boots have a lower toe height and are NOT to be used with adult bindings, all boots with this lower toe height at will be labeled as Junior boots in the product name. Junior bindings are compatible with adult and junior boots, unless specified otherwise.

For those with large feet (size 31ish and up) you need to be concerned about your boot sole length if you're looking at an integrated binding. Most bindings that utilize a plate system, will not accept boots with a sole length above 360mm. Those with boots above this size need to make sure your binding is compatible (if you order a complete package we will make sure all your gear is compatible). In terms of a fixed mount binding though, you can really go with anything, as the mount technician can place the toe and heel piece as far apart as they need to.