Skiboards, snowblades.... tomato, tomahto

Skiboarding, also known as Snowblading, is a revolutionary sport that combines the amazing versatility of rollerblades with skis and creates a fantastic experience for the outdoor enthusiast. Everyone will love snowblading.

The Must Know Stuff

The most important fact to know about snowblades is that you must get them with releasable bindings. Because of the nature of falls and the unique shape of the blades, snowblading with non releasable bindings is much more dangerous. It is true that you can buy blades with non releasable bindings for next to nothing and in fact we can get great deals on them and could sell oodles for less than next to nothing. We won't and you shouldn't. We recommend not snowblading rather than doing so on non-releasable bindings.

It is easy to spot a non-releasable binding, they are just clamps. Releasable bindings are standard ski bindings (usually adjustable.)

Many safety suggestions have recommended reducing the heel settings by 60% to ensure proper release. If you are buying blades and boots from us we will perform all adjustments, you must explicitly request that we reduce the settings if you want us to.

Our snowblades come with adjustable bindings that will fit any boots sized 22.5 and up. We do not have blades compatible with smaller boots sizes as they are not made. Any snowblades sold that are listed as for small children are non releasable bindings and should not be bought.

Ok, with all the prelims out of the way, you probably want to know about snowblading itself.

Skiboarding is easy: anyone can blade on their first run. Skiboards are fun: you can have fun in any terrain on blades. Skiboards are allowed at every resort: we do not know of any resort than bans snowblading at any part of their resort. Snowblading is a great learning tool: you can learn the feel of sliding on snow and being balanced and can learn the beginnings of a carve.

The snowblades we carry can be found here and come with fully adjustable bindings so you can transfer skis around your family.

Just so you know, Snowblading is NOT skiing. It doesn't really matter, but if you want a very short easy maneuverable ski that will have the same turn characteristics of traditional skis but with the shorter maneuverability, we suggest a short adult ski.

Make Sure To Send Us Pics!

We want to see you having fun on your snowblades! Send us pics at [email protected]

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