Women's Gear

Women's Gear

There's no doubt about it, being a woman skier or boarder these days is awesome and it's going to get better with all the attention and technology that is being brought to women's specific gear. We're here to help you find the gear that will really benefit you as well as make you aware of the gear that won't.

Here are some helpful tips and info!

Skis: So here's the deal. Most women's skis out there aren't really any different than other skis besides the graphics. This works fine for some but for others a truly women's specific ski is really beneficial, particularly for those women who are more beginner to intermediate skiers. The differences between women's specific skis and regular skis is that usually the mounting point on the skis is farther forward than usual. This makes initiating turns more easy for us ladies because they have a lower center of gravity. Women's specific skis also have a softer flex, come in smaller sizes and are built of lighter materials to make skiing more easy and enjoyable on the body.

Ski Boots: Boots are similar to skis in that most women's specific boots are the same as unisex boots. The only differences are that they make the liners in the women's version more comfortable and the graphics more feminine. One of our most popular boots (because it is so dang comfy) is the Atomic Live Fit 70 Womens Boots. The Live-fit series boots are very similar between men's and women's but these are definitely girled up a bit. Check them out below! If you need help finding the right size make sure to take advantage of our Boot Selector which is always right on the money!

Snowboards: Women's specific snowboards are similar to women's specific skis in that they are built to be lighter and softer to make snowboarding more easy and enjoyable.

Snowboard Boots: Women's Snowboard boots are again similar to Men's boots but are designed to cater more towards Women's wants and needs. The fit is usually a bit narrower and the upper cuff is bit shorter cut. The designs are always more flowery and the liners are always fuzzier than the Men's equivalent.

We hope that these tips and advice will help you find the right gear you need. If you need additional info or advice please feel free to give us a ring at the toll free number above.