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Ski Helmet Sizing

Ski Helmet Sizing Guide

Ski & Snowboard Helmet Sizing Guide


Apart from the actual skis or snowboard, a protective helmet is the most important piece of equipment for tackling the slopes. When choosing a helmet, the biggest thing to consider is its size. A helmet that’s too small will squeeze your cranium and cause a major headache (literally). On the other hand, too large a helmet will rattle around and not actually protect your head — it might even cause more damage.

Use the L9 Sports Helmet Size Chart to figure out the correct helmet to put on your noggin. We provide both standard and metric measurements along with the corresponding US and UK sizes. Use this information to choose the proper ski helmet from our huge selection.

Measuring For Your Helmet

In a perfect world, everyone could just try on helmets until they find the right one. However, when shopping online, you’ll want to know the size before you order. This will save countless time and hassle from having to exchange helmets.

Getting the right lid for your skull isn't tough — you just need to measure correctly. We can’t stress enough the importance of accurate measurement. Reading mistakes of up to 2 cm are possible, which can make a huge difference. Be sure to measure the largest circumference of your head accurately. Following these steps should ensure that you get the right ski helmet fit:

  • Take a soft flexible tape measuring roll and measure the circumference of the forehead an inch or two above the eyebrows (or wherever is the biggest). Be sure to take the reading over your hair, unless you are going to cut it all off before you wear the helmet.
  • Have a friend read the distance or grip the location with your fingers and read the number yourself (be sure to read to at least 1/8" or ¼-cm).
  • Repeat 2 or 3 times to be sure you have measured correctly. Convert from inches to centimeters by multiplying by 2.54 (that is 24 inches = 24 x 2.54 cm).

For more information about measuring for a snowboard helmet, we offer expert customer service online or in-store on top of our everyday low prices for high-quality helmets.

Adult Helmet Size Chart

Head Size (cm) (in)
Small 52 - 55.5 20.5" - 21.75"
Medium 55.5 - 59 21.75" - 23"
Large 59 - 62.5 23" - 24.5"
Extra Large 62.5+ 24.5"+

Youth Helmet Size Chart

Head Size (cm) (in)
Extra Small 48.5 - 52 19" - 20.5"
Small 52 - 55.5 20.5" - 21.75"
Medium 55.5 - 59 21.65" - 23"