EZfit Insole Sizng

EZ fit Insole Sizing

EZFit Size Men's US Size Women's US Size Mondopoint UK Men's Size UK Women's Size EU Size
Small 4-5 5-6 22-23 3-4.5 3-4 35-37
Medium 6-7 7-8 24-25 5-6.5 5-6 38-40
Large 8-9 9-10 26-27 7-8.5 7-8 41-43
X-Large 10-11 10-12 28-29 9-10.5 9-10 44-45
XX-Large 12-14 N/A 30-32 11-13.5 N/A 46-48


The Masterfit EZ fit insoles are a great (we feel necessary) addition to your ski or snowboard boots. Providing your foot with arch support will align not only your foot, but your entire body making for a more comfortable and enjoyable ski day leaving you raving about your new boots instead of whining about how much they hurt. If you have ever had any fit issues with your boots, we suggest you give these a try, they tend be a reliable solution most all of the time. These will automatically mold to your foot with use creating a more comfortable boot fit and skiing experience!