Snowboard Bindings

Bindings have a size range according to your boot size. If you have a size 10 boot, you need a binding that has a size range that includes a size 10.

Bindings are generally made of two materials, metal and plastic. The straps are always made of plastic and the baseplates are either metal or plastic. The plastic baseplates are generally lighter, but not as durable as the metal bases.

Prices for quality bindings at range from $39 for entry to intermediate level riders to $99 Flow Bindings for advanced and expert riders, and we have junior bindings starting as low as $17.

Some bindings have additional adjustments and features to customize the fit and performance. These include highback forward lean adjustment, toe plate adjustment, cap style toe straps, adjustable heelcups, and extra padding. These extra features are not normally necessary for beginners or casual recreational snowboarders but can improve the performance of the bindings for more advanced riders.

Last minute note! Since Burton moved away from the 4x4 hole pattern, all non-Burton bindings are incompatible with Burton boards. This is an important distinction to note if you either currently own, or plan to purchase a Burton board for use with bindings from any other snowboard company. THIS WILL NOT WORK!

Generic Snowboard Binding Sizing

Size Men (US) Women (US) Junior (US)
XS - - to size adult 6
XS/S - - to size adult 6
S 4-8 5-8 to size adult 6
S/M 6-10 5-8 -
M 6-10 7-11 -
M/L 9-13 7-11 -
L 10-13 8+ -
L/XL 10-13 - -
XL 10+ - -