Snowboard Sizing


A good rule for snowboard sizing is about chin height. A little longer for stronger or heavier than your height riders. A little shorter for beginners or lighter than your height riders. Also keep in mind if you have very small feet for your height you will probably need a shorter and thus narrower board and if you have big feet for your height you may need a longer and thus wider board for your height.

Rider Height Rider Weight Typical Board Length (cm)
4 Feet 50-60lbs 109cm
4'2" 50-60lbs 114-120cm
4'4" 60-70lbs 115-125cm
4'6" 70-80lbs 118-135cm
4'8" 80-90lbs 120-135cm
4'10" 90-100lbs 125-140cm
5' 100-110lbs 130-142cm
5'2" 110-120lbs 135-145cm
5'4" 120-130lbs 140-148cm
5'6" 130-140lbs 145-152cm
5'8" 140-150lbs 147-155cm
5'10" 150-160lbs 154-163cm
6' 160-170lbs 157-165cm
6'1" 170-180lbs 160-168cm
6'2" 180lbs + 165cm or greater