How to use a Chairlift

If you're new to skiing, boarding and unboarding the chairlift can be a challenge but there are some tricks to make it easier:

Getting on the chair

1. Keep your poles in one hand toward the middle of the chairlift.

2. Look over your opposite shoulder to look for the chair as it approaches.

2. Simply sit down on the chair as it arrives and be sure to keep your poles from getting caught up as it carries you away.

Getting off the chair

1. Keep your poles in one hand.

2. As you approach the top of the lift, keep your ski tips up to avoid getting them caught on the ramp.

3. As you reach the top of the ramp, stand up, lean forward and give yourself a light push off of the chair to send you down the ramp. Try not to fall right on the ramp if possible as you will likely get tangled up with other skiers and cause a lift stoppage.

Don’t feel bad if you cause a lift stoppage on the bunny hill as it is expected there, but try to get proficient at disembarking the chairlift before advancing to other parts of the mountain.