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How to correctly put a ski boot on your foot: (It works for snowboard boots also)

1. Unbuckle all of the buckles and undo velcro strap, if your boot has one
2. Check to make sure there isn't paper or other packing material in the toe of the boot
3. Put on your ski socks (these should be light weight to medium weight ski socks, no cotton is allowed and you cannot put two socks on one foot!)
4. Insert your foot into the boot by pulling upward and slightly forward on the tongue while sliding your toes toward the front of the boot.

If your toes are touching the front, don't worry! We're not done fitting the boot yet!

5. Without hurting yourself or anyone sitting near you, slam your heel against the ground at least a couple times. You might want to do this where you also aren't going to tear up the carpet or linoleum.
6. Start buckling the top two buckles to a firm but comfortable setting. Leave the bottom buckle(s) undone or very loose
7. Fasten velcro strap if you have one

While standing up, straighten your knees and you should feel your toes touch the front of your boots. Yes, they should be touching!

8. Flex your knees as if you are skiing and you should feel your foot slide back slightly. You should now have just enough toe room that you are no longer touching the end of the boot.
9. If you are not reeling in pain, walk around on carpet (be careful not to scruff them up in case you need to return them) for 5-10 minutes, your boots will loosen up a little with use.

If your boots fit like it has just been described, this is the correct fit! If you are a higher performance skier, you can have a tighter fit and still be fine. If you are a recreational comfort skier, you can get away with a boot that has more room but be aware that loose boots will hinder your progress more than any other equipment problem.

Keep in mind that the liners of a ski boot get compressed with use and will feel larger. Frequent skiers should remember this when sizing their boots, as they will feel bigger much quicker than for someone that is skiing just a couple of times a season. Also remember that boots in the same shell size have essentially the same fit (the thickness of the included footbed is mm's thicker in the whole size). For example, sizing down from a 28.5 to a 28.0 won't be at all as effective as sizing down to a 27.5.

If your boots don't fit even after following all of these instructions, you can return them for a refund*. Contact us to initiate the easy return process.

*Refunds only available on unused boots. We recommend wearing your boots for an extended period of time before you take them skiing, so you're sure they fit before you use them.

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