Why Should I Get Footbeds?

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Why should i get footbeds?

Every ski boot comes with a footbed already in it. Generally, they are very soft and flimsy, not ideal for providing you with any support. Purchasing your own footbeds from popular brands like BootDoc or Masterfit will provide you with much more structure and support. You can buy them right off the rack and trim them to fit your boot size, or you can visit a ski shop near you and get fitted for a custom footbed. Watch our video below to learn more about what footbeds are for.

how else can i make my boots fit better?

A good pair of ski socks can make all the difference in the comfort and fit of your boot. It's common to think that a thicker pair of socks, or even multiple pairs, will provide more warmth and comfort. This is not the case. A single pair of light to medium-weight ski socks is the most ideal for providing a precise boot fit and preventing your foot from moving around inside your boot. Modern materials like wool or synthetic fabrics will take care of providing warmth.

For more information on how to get a perfectly fitted boot, check out our Boot Fitting Guide!

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