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Gear Bags

Man holding a black Armada ski bag and a black Armada rolling suitcase

Gear Bags

Gear bags are a must if you do any traveling away from home to ski or board. They're also good to have for just transporting your gear to the mountain without completely ruining your vehicle. Fortunately we offer some fantastic bags that will suit any transportation needs.

There are 2 types of bags to consider, sleeves and bags. Sleeves are mostly intended for car travel but can be used for air travel if you pack clothing or other extra padding around your gear. Bags are better for transporting your gear by plane. They're padded and sometimes have wheels so carrying a couple pairs of skis isn't such a hassle.

Be aware of tightening travel restrictions on airlines. In the past, a ski bag was allowed to weigh up to 70lbs because obviously ski gear weighs a lot. Today, all airlines have restricted the weight to 50lbs and if you go over that weight there is a hefty price to pay. That means you'll be able to fit 2 mid sized skis and poles, not including boots in 1 bag and that's it. Boot and helmet bags are great to have around not only for transportation but for storage as well. If you store your gear properly it will last you much longer. Differences in prices are attributed to the materials used, quality and construction of the bag. Obviously, since you are shopping at Level Nine Sports, you will get a good deal regardless.

We had a hard time finding a high quality bag to offer at a Level Nine price, so we decided to make our own. We set out to make strong, reliable bags that will help eliminate the stress of broken zippers or ripped nylon without the brand name price tag. These bags come with a Lifetime Warranty so you can rest easy know that if something is to happen, we got you covered. Check out our bags right here and hit us up on phone or chat if you have any questions!