How to Get Ready for Ski Season

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How to GEt REady
For Ski Season

Get Ready for Ski Season

Before the season starts, it's important to take your ski equipment and outerwear out before your first ski day to make sure it's ready to go. That way, when the snow comes, you know won't be missing any gear. We've thrown together this basic checklist to help you get ready.

1. Do a general gear inspection on all skis, boards, poles, and boots.
Look for any obvious damage that may need to be repaired. If there are dings or scrapes from the end of last season that you've forgotten about, take your skis or snowboard to your local shop for a tune-up and waxing. We offer tuning in our four Utah locations!

2. Make sure everything still fits.
Check your helmets, outerwear, and boots to make sure everything still fits comfortably. This step is especially important if you have growing children.

3. Get your vehicle ready.
Make sure your rack or roof box is ready to go. Set it up on your car and give it a good test run to look for any problems. If you're in need of a new one, check out our online selection of car racks!

4. Get your passes.
Check your local mountain for pre-season deals. You can often save money on season passes a month or two before the season starts.

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