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Free Binding Mounts

level nine employee in a white tshirt using a drill to mount defiance D12 ski bindings into a pair of skis at his tool bench.

Free Binding Mounts

Yep, we will mount your bindings for free. We are proud to say that binding mounting is free with purchase of any ski and binding on our website. You will be prompted to fill out the ski mounting form AFTER you checkout. We will only mount alpine skiing bindings, no tech touring bindings or snowboard bindings. We will mount Look Pivot bindings when boots are also purchased on the same order, but due to the very limited adjustment range, we cannot mount that specific binding without boots.

  • You must purchase both skis and bindings from our website.
  • You must fill out our online mount form at checkout
  • We will strive to get your mounted skis shipped within 1 business day, but please note that there could be a 2-3 day delay on ground shipping during peak shopping periods.

What is Binding Mounting?

If this is your first time buying skis and bindings, you might not know what we are talking about. Ski bindings are mounted by literally drilling holes in to the proper position on skis based on your boot size (this is why we ask for information after checkout). Most other places you can buy skis and bindings online don't mount the bindings for you, and you will be left looking for a local shop to do it once you get your package.

For Purchases Without Boots in the Order

If you are only getting skis and bindings, you will be prompted for your boot or shoe size. If you have purchased adjustable bindings, this information is not necessary, but you can still provide it. The bindings will still need to be adjusted to fit your boots by a local ski shop who can test the release of the bindings based upon the actual boots being used. This is a quick and usually inexpensive process. The difficult and more expensive part is the mounting of the bindings, which will already be done! Please note that some alpine touring bindings have virtually no adjustment range once mounted, and therefore we cannot mount these bindings unless the boots are also on the same order.

For Purchases With Boots in the Order

If you are buying a pair of boots with your skis and bindings, you will be prompted with a longer form asking for the skiers height, weight, age, and ability level. This information allows us to adjust the bindings for the skier so that you can take the gear right from the box to the slopes. This free service saves both time and money and we strongly suggest you take a chance on the best boot fit we have for you. Foreign orders are difficult and expensive to return, therefore you should not guess with boot sizing. You should only buy what you are certain will fit.

Remember: this form will be available AFTER checkout is complete. When you complete the form, a copy will be emailed to you to verify that you entered the information correctly. Sometimes you may choose a ski/boot/binding package that is incompatible. If your package is incompatible, we will notify you of suggested changes. If the change is simple, for example if there is no color or price difference in the pduct, we will sometimes just make the change ourselves.