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Basically, if you can figure out how to operate a screwdriver, you can install your own bindings to your snowboard.

Let's start with your stance- are you Regular or Goofy? Regular means your left foot is forward when going downhill, goofy is the right foot is forward. If you don't know, there are more Regular-stance riders than there are Goofy, so try out Regular first, and if it feels weird, then switch it. (yes, you can do this at the resort even.) If you have an icy driveway, you can slide down it and see which foot feels more natural in front. Just don't blame us if you fall down.

Next step: Place the bindings onto the board about where you feel is comfortable (normally around shoulder width or just a bit wider,) keeping in mind that there are often a left and right binding (should be pretty obvious). You can even stand on the board before you do this to get an idea of how far to put them apart, and the angle of the binding.

Then grab the round discs that come with the bindings and put them in the center of the binding, lining up with the holes that are predrilled in the board. That's right, you do not need to drill into the snowboard!

Time to get out a #2 or #3 screwdriver (these are best, but whatever you have will probably work). Place all of the screws into the slots of the disc, and get the screws started into the holes of the board. Some bindings will come with spacers or washers, and you will quickly find out if you need them or not.

Start tightening the screws until snug, and double check them after you have finished.

Now go ahead and stand in the mounted bindings, and make sure the angles and stance is correct. If not, just loosen screws and adjust.

Grab the boots to be used in the bindings, and strap them into the binding. The straps can also be adjusted to get the right spacing and so you get enough tension on the boot. Most of these adjustments are also done with a screwdriver.

A couple more fine tuning adjustments: The highback on many bindings can be pushed forward or back depending on the comfort and performance of the rider. The adjuster is at the base of the highback. Another adjustment is the heel cup. Most bindings will allow you to slide the heelcup forward or back to push the boot forward or back in relation to the center of the binding/board. Big feet in smaller bindings will need the heelcup pushed back, for example. And one more: Some bindings have adjustable heel and/or toe plates. They are usually adjusted before installing the binding, but they help cradle the boot better in the binding.

Hopefully that helps out a bit, and check out our video link to go over these details:

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