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Socks & Insoles

someone wearing purple, orange, and yellow striped Smartwool socks

Socks and Insoles

Ski socks are designed for skiing. Cotton crew socks are designed for keeping your feet wet and cold. End of lesson.

OK, now we'll explain why. Ski and snowboard socks are made of materials that wick away moisture from your foot to keep them dry. Your boot can get pretty moist from wearing it all day, so you need all the help you can get. The socks also have wool or synthetic materials that will keep your feet warm even if they get wet. Cotton does just the opposite- they retain moisture and draw heat from your feet. In other words, stop wearing cotton!

Another tip: ski socks are designed to be worn in a single layer. Do not wear two pairs of socks. The only time you would need an extra pair of socks is if your boots are too big. This is bad! You should have the correct size boots to never need an extra layer of socks to take up volume.

Our newest brand of socks is Fox River. All of their products are made right here in the US of A. They are really nice, quality made socks that will perform like the rest of 'em. Stay warm and stay dry out there!