Teach Children Skiing

teach children skiing

It's time to teach your child how to ski! This video series will walk you through the process, from finding the right equipment to all the techniques they'll need to build a strong foundation. This series is geared toward teaching children ages 2 to 8.

Episode 1: Introduction and Equipment

Get Started with the Right Equipment

Get ready to teach your child how to ski, with special instructions on adjusting your methods for age. Learn what gear you'll need and how to size it properly.

Episode 2: Conditions and Basics

Teach the Basics in the Right Conditions

Get out in the right conditions. Start by teaching your child the basics: pizzas, french fries and airplanes.

Episode 3: Easy Wedges and Ski Harness

Using Easy Wedges and Ski Harnesses

Teach your child confidence and control. Learn how to set up and use these helfpul teaching aids.

Episode 4: Getting on and off lifts

Getting On and Off Chair Lifts

Help your child get on the lift safely. Teach them how to ride the lift and hop off at the top.

Episode 5: Putting on skis, walking uphill, and getting up

Putting on Skis, Walking Uphill, Getting Up

Teach your little one how to put in her own skis, walk uphill in those skis, and get up when she falls.

Episode 6: Should you get an Instructor

Should You Get an Instructor?

Get some guidance about signing your child up for ski lessons. We'll tell you when it's a good idea to pay for further instruction.