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Episode 3: Wedges & Harnesses

a child skiing between a parents legs with a wedge strap used to keep the childs skis together


In this video we will cover using an easy wedge to help brand new skiers maintain proper body position. We will also go over ski harnesses, which help when lifting a child up after a fall, getting them on the chairlift, and -- when used in conjunction with a leash -- keeping their speed under control.

A wedge is generally appropriate for toddlers and can be removed once they have a basic snowplow technique mastered. Older kids struggling to learn to snowplow may also benefit from using an easy wedge. Attaching an easy wedge to your child's skis is a very simple, tool-less process.

A ski harness is meant for very young kids. The biggest benefit to a ski harness is the handle on the shoulders to lift your child after he or she has fallen down or when getting on a chairlift. Since the chairlift is one of the most intimidating parts of a ski run for many new skiers, the added security of having a ski harness can make a big difference in giving your child the confidence to tackle the mountain.

You can also attach a leash to your child's ski harness to help control their speed if that is an issue. As they progress to more advanced terrain, a leash may give you the peace of mind to know that they won't get out of control.