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Episode 4: How to Load Lifts

group of 4 children riding a ski lift wearing volkl skis


The chairlift can be one of the most intimidating parts of learing to ski for small kids. When learning to get on and off a chairlift, there are a couple tricks to make sure it is safe and easy.

Most bunny hill chairs run nice and slow, but never hesitate to aski the lift attendant to slow down the chair for loading if you are unsure.

Small kids will usually need to be lifted a bit to reach the chair. A skiing harness can help with this if you have one. Otherwise, just give them a lift and plop them on the seat.

Make sure they slide alll the way back in the chair, and then lower the safety bar so they have something to hold onto.

Until you are very confident your youngster is comfortable on the chairlift, always keep a hand on them for the duration of the ride.


As you approach, remind the child to raise their ski tips to avoid getting caught on the ramp at the top of the lift.

When it comes time to disembark the chairlift, it is a good idea to give the child a countdown to let them know exactly when to get off.

At first, you may need to hold your child up or lift them off the chair, but the sooner you can get them disembarking independently the better.