General Gear Questions

Generic questions about the gear and packages we sell at

  1. Are listed sole lengths of 1/2 sized boot correct?
    Almost all boots use the same shell for their half sizes as full sizes. That is, if an Edge boot in size 26.0 has a sole length of 305mm, that same boot in size 26.5 will also have a sole length of 305mm because it is the same shell.
    1/2 sizes are made up for boots with thinner liners or footboards. As you might guess, the difference in a boot fit from 26.0 to 26.5 will be minimal, but the difference between 26.5 and 27.0 will be meaningful. Believe it or not, some boots only differ in the thickness of the insole (by about 1 mm) between a whole and half size. In other words, they are the same size. Of course if this is still confusing to you (trust us, we understand), feel free to chat in, or give or Customer Service Department a call Contact Information

  2. Do I need to wax my skis?
    No! Well yes, but not right away. You do not need to wax your new skis, they come with a thin factory wax layer.
    Except for thick slushy springtime conditions you will not need to wax your new skis upon arrival. Even in the sloppy spring the layer provided by the factory should be enough to keep you moving. If your skis are not sliding as you would like, it is always helpful to get them waxed based upon the current ski conditions. Different temperatures (and temperature extremes) create different snow conditions so the skis will always perform a little better getting a wax job specifically for the conditions you will be skiing in on that particular day. If the base of your skis starts to look dried out and white near the edges, its probably time for some wax. Take them into your local shop and get them tuned up. Whatever you do, don't put Pam, WD40, or anything else on the bases of your skis (yes, there is a 'website' that says its a good idea.)

  3. Do you adjust mounted ski bindings?
    If you only buy skis and bindings, we are not legally able to adjust your DIN/forward pressure. If you purchase a complete ski equipment package with a ski/binding/boot setup in the same order, we can adjust your bindings so they are ready to hit the slopes right out of the box.
    DIN and forward pressure can only be set with boots to be used in hand for proper testing. If you purchase a complete ski/binding/boot set up in the same order, we can adjust your bindings so they are ready to hit the slopes right out of the box. At the end of the checkout process you will be given the opportunity to enter all the information required for us to properly set your bindings. If you neglect to provide ALL the information required (age, height, weight, skier type), we will be unable to set your bindings. If you only buy skis and bindings, we are not legally able to adjust your DIN/forward pressure. You will need to take the skis and bindings to your local shop to have those adjusted, which will cost much less (if anything) than having them mounted at that shop!

  4. Do you mount ski bindings?
    If you purchase skis and bindings from Level Nine Sports we will be happy to mount them at no extra charge.
    At the end of the checkout process you will be able to provide your boot size for mounting (in street shoe size, mondo size, or boot sole length in mm.) Unless you buy boots from us on the same order you need a local shop to do the final adjustments on the gear before you hit the slopes. Just because the boots fit into the bindings does not mean that the bindings are adjusted correctly. If you also buy boots at the same time, the mounting form will prompt you to provide all of your stats (height, weight, ability, and age), then we can perform the testing so you can ski as soon as your gear arrives, no adjustment required. We offer three options for the position of the mount, meaning where the bindings are mounted on the skis. Manufacturer's - The manufacturer's recommended mounting position Park - About 3 cm in front of the manufacturer's recommended position Powder - About 3 cm behind the manufacturer's recommended position Most of the time companies have one recommended line. Sometimes, though, there will be multiple recommended mounting positions, but will be marked as things like "Freeride" and "Freestyle". In this case, "Freeride" would be our Manufacturer's mounting position, "Freestyle" would be our Park mounting position, and our Powder mounting position would be 3 cm behind the "Freeride" line.

  5. Don't I need the most recent model year?
    The truth is most products are the same as a prior model year except for a change in color or graphics. Some years there is no change at all.
    A useful evolutionary idea does not come along every year, so how do manufacturers get you to buy new the model season after season? They change graphics, lingo, and tweak with minor modifications that are better left alone. There are some big deals. Shaped skis are a big deal. There is no reason to ever ski on a non-shaped ski, and in fact, except for a few mogul and DH skis, there haven't been any 'straight' skis made in the past decade. Early Rise and Rocker are pretty big deals. They allow you to float better in loose snow, making your skis more versatile. Rocker has been around for a few years at this point though. Heat moldable boot liners are a big deal. They provide a more comfortable fit and personalization. In all honesty a quality new product from 3 years ago will be equal to a quality new product today and in many cases may exceed it. We provide plenty of information about every product we sell so that you can be sure that you are getting a product that is right for you.

  6. Do you mount snowboard bindings?
    Not at this time but...
    Though simple in process, snowboard binding mounting is more variable than ski binding mounting due to the individual choices in stance. Snowboard bindings are also much easier to mount than ski bindings, usually requiring only a large Phillips screwdriver. Shipping is also much easier with the items separate. In spite of all these things and the Snowboard industries de facto standard of customers mounting their own bindings, we do not accept that long term answer. It's just not customer friendly enough.

  7. Is our gear new?
    Yes, everything for sale at is never used gear. Some products may have been tried on and some may have a sample label (we always try to point these out), but everything is in perfect new condition with no blems or defect and we warranty every product we sell.

  8. Is your gear warrantied?
    Yes, all our gear is covered under manufacturer's warranty. You can always warranty products purchased at directly through us.
    Some items are exclusive to, the 2010 Cloudveil Fishing Gear for example, this product can only be warrantied directly through us. Most product can be warrantied directly through the manufacturers, but it is always easier to warranty with Levelnine and we are usually more lenient. You get a one freebie rule. That is you can warranty a purchase once. If you decide to destroy second set you are on your own. All warranties are for a year from date of purchase unless otherwise stated in the Extra Info tab, one year is always the minimum.

  9. Do my new skis need to be waxed or sharpened?
    All new skis come with a thin factory wax and edges ready to go. Racers will want to bevel the edges to their own requirements and the very wet springtime slush sometimes requires a fresh layer of warm temperature wax. Other than that the ski edges and bases themselves are ready to go on all new skis.