Ordering: Orders are easy at Level Nine, but sometimes you have questions. We have answers!

How do I place an order?

Its simple really. You can shop on your own by adding individual items to your cart, then click ''Checkout.'' Follow the promptings and fill out the necessary forms. If that doesn't work for you, or if you just want to talk before making the purchase, give us a call: 877-589-7547 or click the live chat button, and we can help you place an order.

What are my payment options?

All major credit cards accepted. We take payments from: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express (AMEX is PayPal only but you can check out without a PayPal account.). We also accept PayPal for all orders. Bear in mind that you can use a credit card through our PayPal payment system without having a PayPal account set up if you like having a little extra security for your transaction courtesy of Elon Musk.

Are orders secure?

Yes! All sensitive information is kept secure with an exclusive unshared Entrust Security Certificate. We don't even store credit card info. When an order is placed on our website, your name, address and phone number are stored on a secure server. This helps us with returns, when you need to exchange an item, or if there are any problems with your order. It also helps us keep track of what we are sending out and to whom.
Credit card information is not stored on our site. When a checkout is completed, the credit card info is immediately processed by a Merchant Services Provider (Card processor).
You might be asking: ''Well, how do you process returns then if you don't have my card number?'' We can submit a refund to our Merchant Services Provider from a reference number from the original purchase, and they take care of the rest.
Any questions? Please give us a call: 877-589-7547.

Can I change and/or add to my order?

Yes, if your order hasn't shipped, send us an email, click Live Chat, or give us a call 877-589-7547 and we will assist you. If the order already shipped, you will need to place a new order for the additional item(s). Its much easier and faster if you place the order correctly the first time, but sometimes its hard to remember that you need skis to go with your boots if you plan on actually skiing, so here are some basic instructions:
First, locate your order number so when we ask you for it two seconds after we answer your call, you don't fumble around for a couple minutes trying to find it. If you can't locate it, you can provide your last name if you remember it.
Second, figure out which item(s) you want to change, add, or subtract from your order. It helps if you give us an item number, usually found right below the title of the item on the website. It doesn't help if you call to add a pair of 'Head skis' because we have dozens to hundreds of models.
Third, call, email, or 'Live Chat' your request. Its usually a quick and painless process to make changes to your order if that option is available.
If your order has shipped already, we obviously can't make any changes to it. If you call to change an order and its past noon MST, there is a very good chance that your order will be delayed a day in shipping. We try to provide fast turnaround for everyone, but we can't hold up several orders for one special request. Basically, you are much better off calling earlier in the day to get any changes done.
After we make the change to your order and there is a price difference, a refund or a new charge will show up on your credit card statement within 1-3 business days. That time frame is largely dependent on how quickly your credit card company updates their information.
Final step: Sit back and relax while we rush to get your order out to you quickly, then enjoy your new gear!

Can I order online and pick up my order in Salt Lake City?

You can order online and pick up your order at our locations in Downtown SLC, Ogden or Orem.\

Did you receive my payment?

If you received an email saying your order is processing, then yes. If there was a big red error flag that popped up when you attempted checkout, then no. If you have any concern give us a call and we can check for you. 877-LV9-SKIS or 877-589-7547. Notification is sent upon payment receipt via email. If you received an order confirmation (with an order number) and selected to pay with a credit card, then you are good to go. Your order confirmation email will provide an update of your order status. If it says 'Processing' then we have processed your payment. If it is 'Pending' we are still waiting for your payment. You will be notified via email when your order ships.
Sometimes customers freak out because they didn't get any email an there are a couple reasons for that: 1. The email address was entered incorrectly when the account was created or order made. 2. The email from Level Nine was sent to a Spam or Junk Mail folder. Please check those folders!

Besides payment, what else can delay my order?

Incomplete or invalid shipping information, non UPS-able address, not providing a phone number, or incorrect billing address on file with your credit card company. Also, if you ordered skis and bindings, sometimes we need boot size or other information prior to shipping. Incomplete or invalid shipping information: If you provide a non UPS-friendly address for an order scheduled to ship via UPS, your order may face a lengthy delay. If you do not provide a phone number and the delivery driver has troubles with your address, you may also face a delay. If your order is going to Canada, you may face customs delays, although that should be rare. If your billing address is incorrect or your ship to address is not on file with your credit card company you may also face delays while we determine whether the charge is valid or not.
We take fraudulent orders very seriously, so sometimes a brief delay is required for some orders to verify some information. These delays rarely affect the shipping timeline, but we will contact you if there is that possibility.

What do I do if I placed an order with Amazon or won an Ebay auction?

Don't kick yourselves too hard, you only paid a couple extra bucks buying at our Amazon or eBay store instead of at levelninesports.com directly. You didn't know better. Next time you can come right to the source. If you have won an Ebay auction, you will need to follow payment instructions sent in an email or hit the pay now button on your ebay item's auction page.